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Wednesday July 30 , 2014
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Nick nack and nootch?

If you spend time at The Levee Studios you'll hear the words nick-nack and nootch or variations. On Tuesday afternoon you might hear "after work I'm going to get a nick-nack." Translated means, I'm tired so I'm going home to take a nap.  On Wednesday morning the same person might say "are you hungry? Lets go get a little nick-nack." Meaning lets go eat somewhere. How about "I'm going to the store to get a nickity-nack." This could mean a variation of things - only the person making the statement knows what they are going to get. The rest of us hearing the statement just assume they know what they are getting so we might reply "can you pick me up a nootch?" Who knows what they'll return with hopefully a Red Bull or maybe a Snickers bar.

We also substitute "nootch" for "nick-nack" I guess it just depends on how the person feels at the time. You might see me "nootching around" my office looking for my stapler or see Blake headed out the door to "nootch around the house." Well its Saturday afternoon so I'm going to jump on the couch and take a "nickity-nack."



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