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Friday July 25 , 2014
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The Levee Studios Marketing and Media going forward

Leaving off from last month, I talked about how The Levee Studios had morphed from just music to also a media marketing company in Albany, Georgia. On the media side of the company we continue to develop our digital media department including, videography as well as web design. I'm sure most media and marketing companies talk or advertise how they are creative and different to attract prospective clients. My partner and I have not had a difficult time proving The Levee Studios as different. Our entire staff is made up of rock and jazz musicians that also have varying talents and professional backgrounds from graphics and web design to videography, theater, business and accounting.

Moving into 2011 Blake and I look forward to taking the collective talents we've assembled along with an ambitious business strategy to the streets. The Beta test has been interesting, fun and most important, successful.

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