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Thursday July 24 , 2014
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Marketing in Albany, Georgia

My tenure at The Levee Studios as co-owner and marketing director is coming up on 6 months. To say it has been a blast is an understatement. I believe it was true fate and Gods plan that Blake Cook, my business partner and I had that conversation about marketing back in April of this year at the fair grounds. The band I play bass with, Thick Ankle Nancy was playing a benefit concert and we had The Levee Studios run our sound for us. One day I will tell the complete story on how 6 weeks later I became Blake's business partner.

Now almost 6 months later and The Levee Studios is turning from a music hub for musicians to a full blown marketing and media company as well. We now have a web designer, 2 graphics artist, a videography team in addition to our recording studio department. We offer social media marketing, google adwords campaign development as well as web and graphics design. We also create cinema quality commercials.

I believe we have one of the most complete marketing teams in the area and if I said we totally planned it this way 6 months ago I'd be lying. Blake and I were actually looking at The Levee to become a major events company.

Blake and I quickly realized we could take our collective experience in marketing, business strategy design, accounting and what brought the two of us together - Rock & Roll Music and develop a unique marketing/media and music company. In addition to our eight music instructors all of our marketing department personnel are also musicians. I believe this adds a creative edge to everything we do for our marketing and advertising clients.

I will continue this post in the next few days. In the mean time check out our facebook page at

Stay tuned.


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