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Wednesday July 30 , 2014
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The Levee Studios - Who are we?

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Imaginative, talented, and experienced are all words that can be used to describe our staff at The Levee Studios. We’re here to help fulfill all your advertising, musical, and event planning needs.

Music plays a large part in all our lives. We offer lessons to everyone, from young to old, on just about any instrument you can imagine. All our instructors are skilled musicians with years of experience. Are you in a band? The Levee offers a variety of services to help you thrive. Our professional recording studio is ideal for recording and mixing your music. The Levee can also prepare your songs for radio.

The Levee marketing group is eager to assist you in all your promotional aspirations. Need to shoot a commercial? We provide expert video services, with state-of-the-art cameras and a recording studio for voice-overs. If your business needs a face-lift, let our graphic design staff work for you. Our design studio provides work in business identities, logos, web design, and more. Our photography studio, complete with professional cameras and lighting, is ideal if you’re a model looking to promote your career, or a band needing photos for a poster or an album cover.

We also have a Venue that holds over 100 ready for you to use for just about any event imaginable. You will have a sound engineer at your disposal along with lighting and atmosphereic effects. Need a DJ or house band for your event? We’ve got you covered. Let The Levee take away your stress and make your event one people talk about for a long time.

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Marketing your Business with Social Media.

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If you're a business owner and recently created a FaceBook page, but don't know what to do next you're not alone.

First, remember you must spend time working your page to attract members to “Like” page. So you wonder how do I attract people to my page.  According to an article by Susan Payton an expert on internet marketing(see link below) you must have most of these:
  • Links to your blog posts
  • Links to related articles (whether they’re yours or not)
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Discussions

If you’ve never used Facebook you may wonder how do I do all this and also when will I have time to manage all the content including making sure that the content is updated on my page daily(A must if you want people to visit your page regularly). Start with this article
After reading the article (or before) contact us at The Levee Studios. Our marketing department can help. We offer business Facebook training from launching your page and how to grow and maintain it to how to advertise on Facebook.  We can also help with a total Ad campaign and Ad /marketing strategy. The Levee offers videography, web design and web site optimization, Google Adwords campaigns, graphic design and our new medium, Ad Seen on TV. Contact us at 229-344-2313, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit



Enrichment through Education


When The Levee began several years back it was with a dream to enrich the lives of students with a musical education.  This has been our main focus and our cornerstone from day one even until now.  Since those early days The Levee has been blessed and and has grown to encompass many areas of professionalism.  We have been able to thrive due to our adaptability--one of our greatest assets.  Still at times it has been a hindrance--and one of our liabilities as well.  The Levee has in recent days become the one stop shop for all things music, media and marketing.

Though our direction will continue to stay true to this goal, our focus will be realigning back to our roots and life-force:  Music Education.  Music Education plays a pivotal role in the development of our business, our students and in our community.  Throughout history there has been an undeniable connection between an advancement in the arts and the advancement in a society.  Sorkin points out that whether it's Pericles and Phidias, Lorenzo de' Medici and Leonardo da Vinci or Elizabeth and Shakespeare the arts play a role in society.

The Levee has always stood for the arts and will continue to educate its students in that manner.  Whether voice or theory, piano or composition, guitar, drums or bass we believe that music can strength individuals, their homes, their schools and their communities.  This is accomplished not only through personal dedication in one-on-one music instructions but also in group sessions such as Rock Camp coming this summer.

Kids of every age, gender or ethnic background are encouraged to embrace the musical arts in a manner that will grow them personally, emotionally and musically.  This is our focus at The Levee: to see every child enriched through musical education.  It is our focus and our greatest joy to give of our time and talents to kids who desire to learn music.  In doing so we hope to help them learn about their abilities and responsibilities, their potential and promise.  And if they learn to rock along the way, that'd be great too.



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As of late, I have been finding an interconnectedness(is that a word) between all things.  It doesn’t matter if we are talking about music, fashion, art, or cooking- there is a relationship in all of these things and how we perform in them. As far as I can see, there are three factors that determine our performance level in any of these things: Interest, aptitude, and work ethic. 

Who do you think was the beset basketball player of all time? Jordan…Kobe…..Lebron. hmmmm im going with Jordan!  So lets say that Michael Jordan was the greatest baller of all. Do you think that there has been anyone in the history of mankind with the same or greater interest in the game? Absolutly.  What about the same aptitude? Heck yeah. And was there anyone else out there that contained a better work ethic? You better believe it!  So what was it that made Jordan the best player or arguably the greatest athlete of all time?  It was his pursuit of all three of these elements that made Michael Jordan…well… Michael Jordan. 

Here is the point in all of this nonsense-  If you want to be great in ANYTHING save yourself a lot of time by asking the question “do I have a balance of these three elements: Interest, Aptitude, and Work Ethic”


Talk to ya-Blake



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