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Thursday July 31 , 2014
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smitten blog transplant: confined to the shadows


hello there.  i'm amber humphries.  wife of jared humphries (also known as jarhead...) and co-owner of smitten photos.  i guess it's time to post something around here.  for the most part, i'll be posting some of my blog posts from  once in a while, i'll try to post photography tips & tricks and other fun things i come across that are photo related.  for my first post, i thought i'd bring over our post from smitten's shoot with confined to the shadows.



confined to the shadows.

we're sure the first thing you think of when you think smitten is metal.  yeah, we don't either.  but we had a great opportunity to help a great organization! back in october, there was a battle of the bands hosted at the state theater to benefit the lily pad center.  smitten donated a photo shoot to the winning band.  confined to the shadows swept away the competition and won over the crowds votes.  i happen to know a few of the guys from around and i also know jason, the drummer, because he works with my husband jared at the levee.  had to throw in a plug.  you understand.  well, a few weeks ago, they called us.  so we headed out with our fill in assistant "mackey" and a prayer.  we ended up having a great time trying some new things and pushing our creativity.  so...guys, we hope you enjoyed getting smitten. (we were gonna try to fit one more link into this post but thought it might explode the www).






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